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About Us

We understand the importance of conducting quality, robust research before a firm makes a decision about their graduate, internship or school leaver recruitment campaign. That's why we launched AllAboutResearch, a student market research and brand consultancy service.

Specialising in the school leaver, finance and legal markets, we produce insightful annual surveys and offer a variety of bespoke research services, including panel surveys, desktop research and focus groups (both online and face-to-face), to help our clients better understand the ever-changing school leaver and graduate recruitment markets in the UK.

Over the past few years, we have used our research expertise to help law firms, law schools, publishers, professional service firms and other recruiters gain valuable insights into the behaviour and opinions of their school leaver, student and graduate target markets.


Market Insights

Understanding your audience is half the battle. Understanding your competitors can give you an edge. We help our clients do both.

Our research solutions provide our clients with vital insights into crucial issues which have a direct impact on their recruitment campaigns, from application trends to student opinion.

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Online Employer Branding

The internet is known as 'the web' for a reason. A well-thought-out online branding strategy, based on quality research, is essential in 'catching' the attention of the right candidates, getting them to 'stick' around and 'capturing' their imagination.

Employers can harness the power of our market research to evaluate, refine, enhance and improve their online employer branding, whether it's their graduate recruitment website, their social media presence or their online marketing collateral on third party websites.

We can help you make essential decisions about everything from content, tone, design and usability to overall online branding strategy, channel optimisation and SEO.

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On-Campus Employer Branding

On-campus events and careers fairs are a hugely important part of graduate and school leaver recruitment campaigns.

Our research solutions are the ideal way for companies to evaluate the strength and performance of their existing on-campus employer branding materials, from the exhibition stand to the brochure and the freebies. It can also be a great way to test new ideas.

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University & Law School Branding

Engaging with students and generating applications can be a tricky business, especially when the competition is so tough.

Our research solutions can help universities and law schools evaluate, sharpen and develop every aspect of their branding, from their websites, brochures and open days to their application processes and the development of new courses.

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Research Methods

Annual Surveys

Harnessing the power of our sizeable panel community—over 100,000 registered school leavers, students and graduates—we conduct in-depth annual surveys in three core areas: law, finance and school leaver recruitment.

Designed to offer a smorgasbord of intriguing insights, these reports help our clients to understand and evaluate application trends and the most effective ways of attracting potential applicants.

Online Panel Surveys

We collaborate with our clients to create surveys which enable them to truly achieve their research objectives, from the design and structure to the wording and logic of the questions.

We distribute the surveys to the client's target user group, amass the results, analyse everything, interpret the data, write a report and present the results. Simple.

Our online panel surveys can be targeted to different user groups by age, gender, location, chosen industry, university, degree subject, year of study, UCAS points, educational background, social background and ethnicity.

Face-to-face Focus Groups

These interactive sessions allow school leavers, students and graduates to interact with a firm's existing website and on-campus branding materials, from brochures and graduate careers websites to career fair freebies and social media channels. They can also be used for the purposes of idea generation, co-creation, crowdsourcing and the testing of new marketing materials. Focus groups are all about creating meaningful conversations and using them to your advantage.

Online Focus Groups

Focus-groups conducted in an online environment. These interactive sessions still allow participants to engage with a range of stimuli, from brand logos to videos and web pages. The advantage of our online focus groups, however, is that participants can interact with the stimuli in their own time and extend the conversation over a more sustained period of time, not just a few hours of intense face-to-face discussion.

Case Studies

Logo Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer

Our research expertise enabled Freshfields to evaluate the efficacy and appeal of their graduate recruitment website, plus all aspects of their on-campus branding materials, from their brochure to their freebies.

We gained some valuable insights into student perceptions of our brand, positioning and our general reputation. This information proved extremely useful when reviewing the focus for our campaign strategy and materials. Jessica Booker, Trainee Recruitment Manager @ Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer

To ensure a quick turnaround we carried out a series of face-to-face focus groups in one day with three different groups of aspiring lawyers. All focus group participants were recruited from the client's 'target universities'.

Based on the feedback provided by the students, we produced a comprehensive research report which helped Freshfields to make key decisions about the design and content of their marketing collateral.

Logo Oxford University Press

We worked directly with Oxford University Press to help them understand the reading and purchasing habits of law undergraduate students, specifically in relation to statute books.

AllAboutResearch's fantastic reach into the law student market gave us access to some invaluable feedback which then directly informed our publishing strategy." Clare Weaver, Senior Marketing Manager, Law @ Oxford University Press

In collaboration with the client, we planned and created a bespoke online survey, using both quantitative and qualitative questions, which was distributed to our sizeable panel of law students.

We received a fantastic response rate to the survey and the rich data enabled Oxford University Press to make vital decisions about the format, content and sales of their statute books.

Logo Aspiring Lawyer Survey Spring 2013

Produced in association with cvmailUK (Thomson Reuters), this concise research report offers graduate recruiters and law school marketing representatives a valuable insight into the application trends and opinions of aspiring lawyers across the UK.

The volume of vacation scheme applications submitted in 2013 dropped by 16%

Designed to offer a smorgasboard of intriguing insights, this report covers a wide range of topics, including law firm brand awareness, the most effective ways of attracting aspiring trainee solicitors and vacation scheme application statistics from January 2013.

Logo Kaplan Law School

We conducted a bespoke research study on behalf of Kaplan Law School which gave them crucial insights into the market for legal professional courses, specifically the GDL, LPC and BPTC.

AllAboutResearch proved invaluable in helping us to better understand the marketplace and our approach for the future. They were very thorough, efficient and were able to turn around our brief very quickly. Nick Miller, Head of Marketing @ Kaplan