Desirable vs. available apprenticeships: is there an overlap?

  • Anna Vall Navés
  • 19 September 2019

Apprenticeship starts have seen an overall growth of over 75% since 2009/10, but the sectors that have experienced the greatest growth have not necessarily been the most desirable to school leavers. We take a look at the expectations and realities of the school leaver market and at the options available to employers to make their apprenticeships more attractive.

Although apprenticeship starts have generally increased in recent years, the market’s growth has not been even, with certain sectors and types of apprenticeships experiencing significantly greater growth than others. Unfortunately, the fields with the most available apprenticeships are not always those that school leavers find the most appealing. This means many employers in sectors with a low demand might have to find new ways to market their apprenticeships to attract talented school leavers.

What kinds of apprenticeships do school leavers find the most appealing?


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