FE colleges vs. schools: different attitudes towards apprenticeships

  • Anna Vall Navés
  • 20 January 2020

Most employers market their apprenticeship programmes in the same way to all school leavers, regardless of the type of educational institution they attend. However, our research in 2019  suggested very different attitudes towards apprenticeships among students at schools and further education colleges. Should employers adjust their recruitment efforts accordingly?

What are the differences between schools and further education (FE) colleges?

Further education includes any post-secondary (post-16) education that is not part of higher education (in other words, it’s not taken as part of a university degree). Whereas most schools offer sixth form and A-Levels exclusively after secondary school, FE colleges generally offer a range of courses and qualifications—often including A-Levels as well.

Courses offered at FE colleges can range from basic English and maths to BTECs, A-Levels and Higher National Diplomas (HNDs). But while most o...

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