School visits: most students don't remember them, so should you have a plan B?

  • Anna Vall Navés
  • 30 August 2019

Most employers include school visits in their strategy to engage with potential young recruits, investing a significant amount of resources to do this. Many of the students we surveyed, however, don’t remember employers’ visits—let alone their names. What can employers do to make their visits more memorable to students, and therefore, more beneficial to both parties?

Of the employers we surveyed in 2018, 78% said they visit schools to engage with students and advertise their programmes to school leavers. Given that one of the Gatsby Benchmarks for careers education obliges schools to provide multiple opportunities for students to interact with employers, this is a reassuring fact.  

Generally, the majority of employers that do visit schools are looking to recruit more students to their school leaver programmes. Some of the reasons cited most frequently to explain school visits include a difficulty recruiting in a specific area or for ...

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